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  1. HindeSight #80: What's Love Got To Do With Work?

    Conflict - Use It, Don’t Diffuse It: CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke TEDx Conflict is a normal part of working on a team and it can be seen as either productive or detrimental. But instead of thinking of conflict as good or bad, Campbell and Clarke propose that conflict should be understood as an energy source that fuels innovation and...
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  2. Meg O’Donnell Sits Down With FITAID Before Wodapalooza Competition

    Meg O’Donnell Sits Down With FITAID Before Wodapalooza Competition
    Whether you’ve walked into your first CrossFit box this week or you’re a fellow veteran and full on addicted CrossFitter, we can all agree that watching powerhouse athletes dominate on the floor at Wodapalooza is a mind blowing experience. FitAid has been following the trajectory of up and coming elite athlete, Meg O’Donnell! Prepping for such an intensive four day...
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  3. HindeSight #79: What 2022 food trend interests you the most?

    From Bankrupt to a $60M Beverage Business "Today is a beautiful day filled with opportunity and potential" During this episode on the Scale Your Agency Podcast, I sat down with Trent Dyrsmid. We discuss the difficulties of growing a business, especially in the beverage industry, the importance of differentiating your product and hiring the right people. Listen now... The Lines...
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  4. Look Who’s Back, Back Again! FITAID Caught Up with Kelsey Kiel Prior to Her First CrossFit Event In 2 Years

    Look Who’s Back, Back Again! FITAID Caught Up with Kelsey Kiel Prior to Her First CrossFit Event In 2 Years
    Prior to Wodapalooza, FITAID held a photoshoot with CrossFitter, Kelsey Kiel. Being that it was her first competition in almost 2 years, we thought we would catch up with her and see what she has been up to. Our manager of social, Dion, was able to get some behind the scenes content as well as ask Kelsey some interesting questions...
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  5. LIFEAID Team Takes On Miami 2022

    LIFEAID Team Takes On Miami 2022
    “Party in the city where the heat is on, All night, on the beach till the break of dawn, Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami!” Pack your bags and don't forget your swimsuit. For the first event of 2022, the LIFEAID team is headed to Miami for Wodapalooza (WZA). What started in 2012 as a grassroots 1-day event with 145...
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  6. HindeSight #78: When was the last time you thought about breathing?

    The Indicator podcast by Planet Monkey - The toymakers’ (supply chain) nightmare before Christmas Considered one of the best podcasts available today, the Indicator takes on a unique issue in the business world and breaks it down in 10 minutes or less. This episode explains the supply chain delays and their effect on Christmas shopping patterns this year. With many...
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  7. Hindesight #77: A Penny for Your Squats?

    The Goal Digger Podcast - The Science of Happiness at Work In this podcast, host Jenna Kutcher speaks with Jenn Lim, the CEO of Delivering Happiness, a company dedicated to helping organizations improve their company culture. Kutcher and Lim explain what it takes to create a great work environment and company culture, including steps you can take to truly enjoy...
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  8. HindeSight #76: Are Energy Drinks Really that Bad?

    Empire Podcast - Build a Powerful Existence There are no shortcuts, it's all about the long game. Every day you have a choice of what you put in your body, directly resulting in how you show up in the world. Check out this interview I did with Bedros Keuilian to hear more about LIFEAID, how to avoid the "victim" role...
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  9. HindeSight #75: What are your 2022 goals?

    Life of the Beverage Industry In a market as crowded as the beverage industry, creating a brand new company from scratch involves a whole lot of creativity, strategic planning, and a little bit of luck. LIFEAID started with an idea that has turned into not only a great product, but an opportunity to impact thousands of lives. Learn more in...
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  10. HindeSight #74: What's an emotional push up?

    Glam & Grow Podcast How do you bring an idea to life? Especially when that idea is entering an already overcrowded beverage space? Find out how we created the functional beverage concept, with Takara Sewitt. Listen now... The Emotional Push-Up Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. But how can we make the two work together? Olivia Bowser...
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