Career Opportunities at LIFEAID Beverage Co.

Interested in joining our growing team of purpose-driven, health-conscious men and women who are dedicated to embodying the LIFEAID brand, helping to leave the world a healthier place than we found it? Find out more about our company and current employment opportunities below.

About Us

LIFEAID Beverage Co. is an independent company still led by our founders — Dr. Aaron Hinde and Orion Melehan — who represent a new generation of entrepreneurs focused on corporate responsibility and stewardship. They believe that true success isn’t success at all if not shared. Our small team is comprised of a group of talented, dedicated individuals who love what they do and are proud to stand behind our brand.

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Our Core Values

Provide the most fun, healthy, holistic and fulfilling work environment for all that are part of the team.
Deliberately, sustainably & consistently create long-term value for our customers and stakeholders.
Be curious, ask questions, communicate and adopt a growth mindset.
Everyone is an owner — approach your work as such.
Work hard, play hard — have fun doing both.
Create raving fans — of our team members, customers, suppliers and community.
Be solutions-oriented, not problem-focused.
Do more with less.
Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection.Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection.
Always play the long game.

Job Openings

Marketing Manager - Europe


Employment: Full-time

LIFEAID Europe’s Marketing Manager is responsible for the planning and execution of the marketing vision for the brand. The role is responsible for marketing initiatives for consumers and resellers. Helps oversee the development and implementation of support materials for a variety of areas across the organisation including departments of marketing, sales, and general operations, as needed. Coordinates at both a strategic and tactical level with all functions of the LIFEAID organisation in Europe.

In the role of Marketing Manager one must effectively:

• Create and implement communication plans to effectively promote and grow the company's market share

• Build out ambassador programs and social media channels

• Build, maintain and service brand partnerships

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams – from creative, IT and production to product marketing and legal – to produce effective promotional materials

• Coordinate with and provide communication and messaging directives with various content creators

• Obtain necessary consent and providing final approval on all marketing collateral, products and promotions

• Establish benchmarks for success by establishing marketing function KPIs

• Building and maintaining budgets for content marketing, athletes and ambassadors

• Proactively report out best practices, industry trends, to keep brand on pulse

Marketing Manager responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Brand positioning, strategy mapping, push communications, athlete and ambassador management, social media management, marketing project coordination, vendor management, content management

• Marketing project development and execution

• Review and approval of marketing message and copy

• Reporting on various marketing initiatives

Preferred skills and experience:

- Experience working in the marketing space

- Proficiency with design tools (Illustrator, Photoshop)

- Analytical and creative thinker

- Adaptability - a multi-task & stay organised - Office is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands

- 0.8 FTE

To apply for this job please provide your resume and a letter of motivaiton to: [email protected]


General Application

Don't see a listing for your dream job, but still interested in working for LIFEAID? Submit a general application via [email protected] — tell us why you'd be the perfect fit for our team, and we will include your application when we review submissions for future openings.