1. FITAID Energy Disrupts Clean Energy Drink Market | LIFEAID

    FITAID Energy Disrupts Clean Energy Drink Market | LIFEAID
    FITAID Energy® Disrupts So-Called Clean Energy Drink Market   The naturally sweetened and green-tea caffeinated addition to FITAID Sports Recovery line promises to revolutionize energy drink industry.   Santa Cruz, Calif., April 12, 2022 - LIFEAID Beverage Company has released a new line of clean performance energy drinks. The FITAID Energy® collection is the long awaited clean-caffeine addition to their original...
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  2. Natural Caffeine vs Synthetic Caffeine

      How natural caffeine compares to synthetic caffeine and how to avoid that dreaded crash.  Each day, about 90% of Americans consume caffeine in some form. But only some of these people get a steady boost of energy without the hard caffeine crash. Why is this? It all depends on the source of your caffeine (1). Caffeine comes in all...
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  3. Are You Spending Your Time Awake Efficiently?

    It’s Not About How Much You Sleep, It’s About What You Do When You’re Awake You don't need to sacrifice your sleep, which is extremely important, to be successful, you need to spend the time you are awake as efficiently as you can. Listen Now... Adaptive Athletes on the First-Ever Adaptive Season 2021 was a historic year for adaptive athletes...
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  4. Your 2021 Summer Bucket List for the Family!

    Your 2021 Summer Bucket List for the Family!
    Summer is halfway over, and if you’re anything like me - some days feel like Groundhog’s Day. We’ve done the same thing day after day, and we are ready for a CHANGE UP! We asked the ladies in the Mother’s of Fitness Facebook Group (come join us!) to share some of their favorite summer activities to do as a family...
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  5. HindeSight #66: Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

    Taking on the Giants in the Beverage Industry Last week, I sat down with the team at Virtual Mgr on the “How Did We Get Here?” podcast.  During the episode, we talk about how Orion and I started and scaled LIFEAID from an RV to global domination, taking on the giants of the industry and winning! There are many similarities...
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  6. FITAID Strawberry Lemonade is Here!

    Jacob Heppner on the Make Wods Great Again Podcast  CrossFit Games and Team FITAID athlete Jacob Heppner joined the Make Pods Great Again podcast back in March to discuss his retirement from competitive CrossFit, his new training barn, his work with teen athletes, new business ventures, and some hints to his new sporting pursuits. Spoiler alert: he’s boxing Josh Bridges...
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  7. Are You Making a Difference?: HindeSight

      Recapping the German Throwdown, Lowlands Throwdown and Brazil CrossFit Championship After two weeks of in-person competition the CrossFit Games semifinals go virtual.  Sean and Tommy recap the CrossFit German Throwdown, the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown and the Brazil CrossFit Championship.  Who impressed, who surprised and who emerged as potential podium contenders at the Games?  Plus, WIT signs a multi-year deal...
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  8. What’s the Minimum Dose of Training to Stay Fit?

     Training and Competing as a New Mom with Kenzie Riley Team MisFits athlete Kenzie Riley joins Drew and Sherb on the podcast to discuss the lessons she’s learned as a new mom trying to stay fit.  Listen now. "Self-Rule" Choices You Can Make to Increase Your HRV and Immunity Stress is often defined as an organism’s ability to adapt to...
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  9. Do You There There Should There Be a Sugar Tax?

      The SharkPreneur Podcast I had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Greene on the SharkPreneur podcast and we talked about the things that have helped Orion and I successfully build LIFEAID. Some things we discussed: how good positioning in your marketplace can lead to product distribution in conventional channels, why it’s important to hire people who are the...
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  10. Cultivating a Business Mindset: HindeSight

       3 Ways to Master the Art of Sales Gyms depend on their members to keep the lights on and the doors open. In order to build up memberships, owners, coaches, and staff have to be comfortable selling what the gym has to offer. On this episode of The Mind Your Business Podcast, host James Wedmore gives three tips on...
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