Hunter McIntyre
Name: Hunter McIntyre
Nationality: United States
Profession: OCR Athlete
Favorite Blend: FitAid
Career Highlights:

3rd Spartan World Championship 2013
1st Spartan World Championship short course 2014
1st Spartan Team Nationals 2014
1st Team Champion Worlds Toughest Mudder 2014
3rd Spartan Triple Crown 2014


I'm a heavy hitting, heavy lifting boy living the dream in the sport or OCR. Growing up on the east coast between NYC and New England I quickly ran away to fall in love with travel and training. From a young age I spent all my time in the woods climbing trees and exploring, luckily my lifestyle still allows me to do such things on a daily basis! Now I live in the Hills of malibu exploring the worlds most hardcore race while at the same time pursing my passion for teaching people more about the benefits of fitness. If you ever what to find me and join the journey hit me up on one of my social media accounts, STAY MACHO