Sara Sigmundsdóttir
Name: Sara Sigmundsdóttir
Nationality: Iceland
Profession: CrossFit Athlete
Favorite Blend: FitAid RX
Career Highlights:

Reebok CrossFit Games Third-Fittest Woman on Earth (2015) 
Reebok CrossFit Games Meridian Regional Champion (2015) 
East Coast Championships (ECC) Champion (2015)


I am a 25-year-old girl from Iceland who loves to travel and meet new people. I also love to train hard. After a really hard metcon, I often reward myself with a good meal — like a hamburger with lots of bacon and guacamole — and an ice-cold FITAID!

Never much of a sports person growing up, I was always chubby & quit every new sport I tried. When my childhood best friend got a boyfriend, I had nothing else to do so I began spending my free-time training. I started in a bootcamp seminar and discovered I was the only girl who could do push-ups on her toes. Everybody kept telling me how strong I was for a girl. So, I competed in a local Icelandic CrossFit competition — without knowing what CrossFit was — and finished in second place in 2012. That's when I officially decided I wanted to do CrossFit, and there was no turning back!

I never expected to make it this far, to be honest. Now I train at least two times per day, often adding in an additional third workout in the evening to help focus on a skill or weakness (for me that's gymnastics). All together, it adds up to about 13-16 training sessions per week.